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GoPro Promo Codes New Zealand , Coupon Codes & Deals ☆ May 2021

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GoPro is one of the biggest technology success stories of the last few years - a camera that has rapidly become ubiquitous for high-quality athletic photography and action shots of all kinds. Although GoPro is everywhere today, its history goes back longer than most people realize.The history of GoPro begins in Australia, with a surfboard and a 26-year-old named Nick Woodman. The California native studied visual arts and graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 1997 with a strong interest in the technology industry.His first two entrepreneurial attempts out of college included creating the websites and, both of which failed. Mentally recovering from these disappointing ventures meant a surfing trip to Australia with his girlfriend, Jill Scully.The couple returned to California and began gathering the funds required to act on Woodman's idea. One method they used was selling over 100 Balinese belts, which are fashionable belts made from beads and shells, out the back of a 1974 VW Camper.

With the help of Woodman's savings and a nearly $250,000 loan from his father, combined with the belt earnings, Woodman founded GoPro Inc (initially Woodman Labs, Inc.) in 2002. He would eventually marry Jill in 2012.Back in 2001, the mobile revolution had barely even started. Few could imagine that, soon, most people would have a powerful multi-tool that would also include a camera. In this environment, GoPro founder Nick Woodman began to develop his first prototypes.At that time, his goal wasn't to take the world of action photography by storm. On the contrary, the earliest vision was much simpler: GoPro would produce wrist straps that photographers could use to tether existing cameras to their arms for unusual shots.During Woodman's travels to visit surfing spots in Australia and Indonesia, he realized that his straps alone were not the breakthrough product he wanted: He would need to find the perfect camera and sell a waterproof housing for the company to be a success.

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    • Everything you want to know about GoPro
      Know everything about Promo Codes, offers and discounts atGoPro

    The Products

    The first GoPro looked a bit different from today's models. Introduced in 2004, the HERO was a 35mm camera that could strap onto the user's wrist. It could take photos in a maximum depth of five meters of water.

    For comparison, the HERO6 is a similar size and was available to the public in 2017. Although, one can use them 10 meters underwater, take videos and photos, connect to Wi-Fi and more.

    Below is a timeline tracing the evolution of various GoPro camera models:

    • 2002: GoPro is founded
    • 2004: HERO 35mm camera
    • 2006: Digital HERO
    • 2011: HERO2
    • 2012: HERO3
    • 2013: HERO3+
    • 2014: HERO4
    • 2015: HERO+LCD, HERO+
    • 2016: Karma Drone, HERO5
    • 2017: HERO6, Fusion
    • 2018: HERO 2018 Edition

    Throughout the years, the company has discontinued. The 2018 lineup of GoPro cameras includes the HERO6, HERO5, HERO 2018 and Fusion.

    These cameras have come a long way from the original 35mm camera used with a wrist strap.

    ​For example, the HERO6 is capable of 4K60 video and incorporates technologies including voice activation, compatibility with the Karma drone and a touchscreen display. GoPro's most recent int roduction, the Fusion, takes recording action footage to a whole new level by allowing users to create entirely spherical videos.

    GoPro Mounts

    The transition from a wrist strap to more modern mounting methods occurred in 2006 when Woodman decided to try to mount his GoPro to the roll bar of a car. This experiment led the GoPro team towards researching and developing alternative mounting methods for the camera.

    The resulting accessories made it possible for GoPro to break out of the surfing world and into other sports hemispheres. For example, it is possible to mount a GoPro on ski poles and helmets. Ultrarunners can use a chest mount.

    The cameras can link with the Karma drone and capture a birds-eye-view of a city. With these options, plus many more, there are a plethora of stories that the GoPro can capture.

    ​Worldwide Distribution

    ​The GoPro idea was born in Australia, was further developed in California and then earned further support in Pennsylvania when Woodman proposed his concept and prototype at an Inventor Search competition for the home-shopping network QVC in 2004.

    The ensuing exposure provided by the media and tech shows down the road began the worldwide distribution of the GoPro, with the first major order in 2004 coming from a Japanese distributor.

    In 2018, GoPro cameras are found in over 100 countries. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California and has affiliate offices in other American states, such as Florida, along with other countries, including France and Hong Kong. The technology company originally had three employees.

    After recent layoffs that are explained later in this article, the current number of employees in 2018 is 963. While this number is not as high as in previous years, it still shows impressive growth from the original founding of the company.

    However, building a company is more than releasing a new product and distributing it all over the world. Since the original inception of the idea in 2002, GoPro has gradually developed both a product and a community.

    Current GoPro Cameras

    ​The Fusion

    The Fusion is one of the exciting developments by GoPro. It is the first camera designed by the company that can capture 360-degree footage and audio, with the option of 5K resolution as well. This high resolution makes the Fusion stand out from the other currently offered models. The size dimensions are larger than the standard GoPro, which means it is not compatible with the Karma drone.

    ​The HERO6

    The HERO6 provides an impressive level of photo and video quality. The burst level is 30 fps, and video quality can reach 4K60. Additionally, the camera is waterproof up to 10 meters, higher than the Fusion, which can only reach 5 meters. This model stores high-quality images on a GP1 chip, captures HDR quality, is voice activated and has a QuikStories feature linking the GoPro with your phone.

    ​The HERO5

    The HERO5 is a step below the HERO6 with regards to additional features. However, it also has a burst level of 30 fps and the potential for 4K60 video quality. Like other GoPro options, there are auto low light, exposure control and manual feature control options. It can reach a water depth of 10 meters and is also compatible with the Karma drone. Unlike the HERO6, it does not use a GP1 chip and cannot be turned on by voice.

    ​The HERO

    The HERO is the 2018 version of an entry-level GoPro camera. Photo and video quality are lower, with a burst level of 10 fps and potential video quality of 1080p60. It can reach depths of 10 meters. The main differences between the HERO and the HERO6 are that the HERO is not compatible with the Karma drone, it does not use a GP1 chip and it does not create a separate audio wave file track when recording. As the simplest option currently offered in the 2018 GoPro lineup.

    ​GoPro Software

    All of the camera models can work with the GoPro app, which was originally called Capture. The most recent evolution of the app includes the feature QuikStories, which automatically transfers footage from a GoPro to your phone while shaping it into an easy-to-share video. Before the GoPro app, users had to connect the device to a computer, upload files and then share them. With the app, users can easily post photos and videos to social media, perform basic editing techniques and back up data on a cloud.

    ​GoPro also offers the apps Passenger, GoPro Fusion Studio and Quik Desktop. Passenger is used to view and control footage from the Karma drone. GoPro Fusion Studio is specifically for editing footage gathered with the Fusion camera. Quik Desktop is the computer version of the phone app and allows for more intentional, professional video editing.

    History of GoPro Camera: Final Thoughts

    The history of GoPro cameras stretches from the first HERO introduced in 2004 to the most recent camera in 2018. Numerous camera models released between these dates contributed to the growth of a company focused on telling stories.
    As the company grew, so grew the inspiring and action-packed GoPro community. The question remains as to how the company will flex and change to fit future market demands.
    Experience GoPro today by visiting one of the company's channels and watching some of the most recently posted footage.

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