$10 OFF BlockFi Promo Codes ➡️ (4 BlockFi Coupon Codes) December 2023 New Zealand

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BlockFi is a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem for advanced crypto traders. It has over 1 million verified users and over $10 billion in assets. Users of this platform may appreciate the range of products BlockFi offers. In addition to its crypto exchange, BlockFi offers low-interest loans, a crypto rewards credit card, and an interest-bearing account that lets you earn up to 9.5% APY.

Founded in 2017, BlockFi is currently headquartered in Jersey City, NJ. This company’s primary mission is to reimagine and expand access to banking resources in communities that traditional banking services hadn’t served. Since its founding, BlockFi has grown into a global company with over 800 employees. BlockFi offers 13 digital assets available for purchase and several useful products. Overall, it could be a good option for advanced crypto traders.BlockFi offers an online dashboard and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Overall, trading on BlockFi is intuitive and relatively simple to do. On desktop, users looking to make a simple trade would go to the table at the top of their screen and indicate which assets they’d like to trade. 

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Promo codes BlockFi • 03/12/2023
Join BlockFi now
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Promo codes BlockFi • 03/12/2023
There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait
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Promo codes BlockFi • 03/12/2023
You don’t have to sell your crypto to get cash at BlockFi, we let you borrow funds against your crypto assets so you can get a loan while continuing to hold
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Promo codes BlockFi • 03/12/2023
Unlimited 1 5% back in bitcoin on every purchase join the waitlist to reserve your spot and learn how you can earn even more bitcoin with additional card rewards
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Promo codes BlockFi • 03/12/2023

Earn $10 in btc joining BlockFi through here

Join BlockFi now
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Promo codes Bybit • 03/12/2023

Join Bybit and receive an exclusive $25 reward! plus, stand to win an iphone 14 pro max worth $1,000 and other great prizes.

The referral double delight promotion is now live on Bybit. this exciting promotion offers users the opportunity to earn double the referral bonus for each friend they invite to the platform. to participate, simply share your referral link with your friends and have them sign up for a new account using your link
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Promo codes Kriptomat • 03/12/2023

Discount coupon Kriptomat Free €100 (Welcome Trade Credit)

Don't miss the coupon and get €100 free Welcome Business Credit at Kriptomat now.
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Promo codes Mexo Exchange • 03/12/2023

Sign up using the referral code and earn $5 in USDT and a +5% APY Earn+ coupon at TruBit Pro.

Take advantage and get benefits now by signing up using the referral code to earn $5 in USDT and a +5% APY Earn+ coupon at TruBit Pro.
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Register using the referral link and guarantee benefits at

Don't waste time and register through the referral link and guarantee the best benefits and lowest rates at
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Dex-Trade Deals • 03/12/2023

Participate in the tournament and get a chance to win a cash prize at Dex-Trade

On the Dex-Trade website, you can participate in tournaments and win cash prizes by fulfilling the conditions of the contests. More and more participants participate in tournaments and increase the number of their victories.
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Promo codes Coingi • 03/12/2023

Register with the reference code and guarantee your benefit at Coingi now

Take advantage and register with the reference code and guarantee your benefit at Coingi now.
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CoinRoyale Deals • 03/12/2023

Receive up to 5 BTC on your first 5 deposits at CoinRoyale

Take advantage of the promotion and receive up to 5 BTC on your first 5 deposits, starting with a 100% bonus on your first deposit at CoinRoyale
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BitForex Deals • 03/12/2023

30% on commission when you sign up with Bitforex promo code

To activate the offer, click on the referral link, copy and paste the Bitforex promo code when signing up with Bitforex
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BITEXBOOK Deals • 03/12/2023

BPCoin Vip conditions for margin trading at BITEXBOOK

We continue to improve the conditions of margin trading and launch margin accounts in BPCoin for you Open a margin account in BPCoin and get unique margin trading conditions Increased leverage up to 1 50, Reduced level of forced closing of orders (Stop Out) up to 10%, The maximum order volume is 100 lots, And of course the commission is 0% and also 15% per annum on the free balance of BPCoin on the margin account
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Promo codes adBTC • 03/12/2023

0 01 btc OFFered when you sign up with a adBTC top promo code

To activate the offer, either click on the referral link or copy and paste the adBTC top promo code when you sign up to adBTC top
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Promo codes Nexo • 03/12/2023

Get $10 btc bonus when you sign up (new customers only) at Nexo

New customers only
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CoinFalcon Deals • 03/12/2023

Spend 200€ and get 5€ at CoinFalcon

Join CoinFalcon through this link and enjoy the benefit
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Promo codes Gomining • 03/12/2023

5% OFF Gomining promo code for btc Gomining

Use our coupon codes for all your purchases. make the purchase benefiting from the discounts now available on Gomining.
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Promo codes sim • 03/12/2023

€5 reward with this coupon on bit2me

You will receive €5 if your first purchase is €100 or more
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Cointree Deals • 03/12/2023

Discounts 50% OFF for the entire site at Cointree

Save up to 50% off deals across all site at Cointree
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Promo codes Huobi • 03/12/2023

Are you looking for a Huobi referral code? get 30% OFF trading fees on Huobi and a $170 welcome bonus on the Huobi exchange

Huobi global gives services worldwide, its a singapore based cryptocurrency exchange sign up with our invitation code above and start trading in cryptocurrency futures and spot market with some of the industries lowest fees signup with our referral code now the rebate will be returned to your account in the form of usdt, points or ht rebate proportion of usdt, points and ht are 30%
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Bitcoin IRA Deals • 03/12/2023

Discount coupon Bitcoin IRA just $1 29 for sale items at Bitcoin IRA now

Take advantage and buy for only $1 29 for sale items in Bitcoin IRA
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Wirex Deals • 03/12/2023

6% OFF Agoda Deals at Wirex

Shop and get 6% off agoda deals at Wirex
1 times used Deals • 03/12/2023

Coupon TimeX io fiat

Coins connect a bank account or credit card for almost instant transfers
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eToro Deals • 03/12/2023

Trade with confidence on the world's leading social trading platform join eToro

Join millions who have already discovered smarter investments in various types of assets choose an investment product to get started
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Promo codes Hotbit • 03/12/2023

Various token types supported at Hotbit

Constantly introducing and listing high quality digital currencies from all over the world, providing users with various types of transactional services in most digital currencies
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Promo codes SatoshiTango • 03/12/2023

Earn $20 when using our code

A platform of financial solutions so that buying and selling cryptocurrencies is simple and friendly
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Promo codes OXBTC • 03/12/2023

$200 bonus at OXBTC

Claim $200 btc & eth hashrate for free
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Promo codes Mind Capital • 03/12/2023

Free registration using our referral code

Use our referral code at Mind Capital and enjoy all the benefits
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Promo codes Kucoin • 03/12/2023

Earn up to 40% by referring members with this Kucoin code promo

Use this code to create an account with Kucoin com to activate the offer, either click on the referral link or copy and paste the Kucoin promo code when you sign up to Kucoin for every friend that you refer you earn 40% from users who join through your link
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YouHodler Deals • 03/12/2023

Earn 12% for free when you use our YouHodler promo code on sign up

Sign up through this offer and enjoy this benefit 12% apy interest rewards when sign up and deposit funds
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Shrimpy Deals • 03/12/2023

$30 OFFered when you use our Shrimpy referral code

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Morpher Deals • 03/12/2023

Earn 1000 Morpher tokens for free when you use our Morpher promo code on sign up

Sign up through this offer, finish the kyc procedure and be verified, and claim your airdrop first to enjoy this benefit
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Promo codes Hive OS • 03/12/2023

Get $10 at Hive OS

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EQUOS Deals • 03/12/2023

Get back 5% of your fees paid at EQUOS

For 6 months, you'll receive a referral commission equivalent to 5% of your transaction fees sign up through this offer and enjoy this benefit
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Xtheta Deals • 03/12/2023

Technical support at Xtheta

Erc725 electronic signature guarantee
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BBX Deals • 03/12/2023

Get a percentage of the fee of each transaction returned to you at BBX

Every time you get invited to generate a real transaction fee, the corresponding percentage of the fee will be returned to you sign up through this offer and enjoy this benefit
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BankCEX Deals • 03/12/2023

Proven products at BankCEX

The underlying BankCEX platform has been deployed on 30+ exchanges already it supports all devices and multiple languages, offering a seamless user experience
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Birake Deals • 03/12/2023

Real time cryptocurrency trading at Birake

A dex trade engine for highly efficient matching of trades the buyers and sellers can place orders and get matched for best pricing
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PoloniDEX Deals • 03/12/2023

Earn 10% back of your trading fees

Sign up through this offer and enjoy this benefit
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CoinPark Deals • 03/12/2023

Security at CoinPark

A security system that guards you against malicious infiltration, cc,and ddos and protects your account and assets comprehensively
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Abit Deals • 03/12/2023

Various digital asset services at Abit

Support instant crypto purchase, spot trading, derivatives trading and a complex of investment choices give you the key to access the digital world
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StakeCube Deals • 03/12/2023

Crypto exchange at StakeCube

Powerful crypto exchange and trading platform with fast matching engine, clean user interface and the most unique features the exchange is fully integrated into the ecosystem and linked to all other apps coins waiting in open orders still generate rewards
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Bitsten Deals • 03/12/2023

Easy trade at Bitsten

We have a simple user interview, making it very easy for you to make transactions on Bitsten exchange
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BitZ Deals • 03/12/2023

Professionalism at BitZ

Since 2013, BitZ team has the most professional r&d and innovation strength in the industry
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TOKOK Deals • 03/12/2023

Cross platform terminal trade anywhere at TOKOK

Download ios, android, window app, easier to manage
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Bidesk Deals • 03/12/2023

Pay with debit or credit at Bidesk

Bidesk lets you deposit cryptocurrency assets to the exchange they also let you purchase and sell crypto via debit and credit cards
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qTrade Deals • 03/12/2023

Trade the newest coins at qTrade

Get early access to all the new and innovative coins that are listed on qTrade first
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Float SV Deals • 03/12/2023

Receive $10 in free btc at Float SV

Receive $10 in free btc when you complete your first crypto purchase of $100 or more via buy/sell
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Pionex Deals • 03/12/2023

20% OFFered when you use our Pionex referral code

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Bitflyer Deals • 03/12/2023

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NiceHash Deals • 03/12/2023

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Trade8 Deals • 03/12/2023

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Cake DEFI Deals • 03/12/2023

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HashShiny Deals • 03/12/2023

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ACDX Deals • 03/12/2023

Enjoy a 20% fee discount

Sign up through this offer and enjoy this benefit
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ChainEX Deals • 03/12/2023

Over 30 markets at ChainEX

Join ChainEX now
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Decoin Deals • 03/12/2023

Earn staking reward of 6 2% at Decoin

Earn staking reward of 6 2% on your dtep balance annually
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ExMarkets Deals • 03/12/2023

Instant and free deposits & withdrawals at ExMarkets

Buy, sell & trade bitcoin and cryptocurrency
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Upbit Deals • 03/12/2023

Upbit the most trusted digital asset exchange

Upbit indonesia is powered by Upbit, the global top exchange with world class blockchain technology, regulatory expertise and operational know how
3 times used Deals • 03/12/2023

Web hosting (email hosting included) at BitDomain biz

99 9% uptime guarantee\reliable & secure\powered by cpanel / plesk
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BetChain Deals • 03/12/2023

100% welcome bonus at BetChain

100% welcome bonus up to 1 btc / €200 / 12,000 ₽ / 3,000 zar / 600aud / 600cad / 1,860 nok
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WhiteBIT Deals • 03/12/2023

Trade everywhere with WhiteBIT app

Our ios & android apps adopt the platform’s full functionality and provide a seamless “on the go” trading experience
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SimpleSwap Deals • 03/12/2023

Free from sign up limits complications

Join SimpleSwap now
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LocalCryptos Deals • 03/12/2023

40+ ways to pay at LocalCryptos

Buy and sell cryptos using any payment method including bank transfer, paypal, and more
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Independent Reserve Deals • 03/12/2023

Autotrader at Independent Reserve

Dollar cost average (dca) your crypto purchases using autotrader and autobuy on deposit
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Hoo Deals • 03/12/2023

One stop trading platform at Hoo

Fast, scalable and reliable trading and custody
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MXC Deals • 03/12/2023

High performance at MXC

High performance mega transaction matching engine technology
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Emirex Deals • 03/12/2023

Access to wealth at Emirex

Using technology, we are bringing together a community of issuers and traders from around africa, asia, and europe and providing them with access to the middle eastern wealth
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CoinTiger Deals • 03/12/2023

User friendly platform join CoinTiger

Tutorial, process guidance, we know how you feel on the first time investment
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CoinDeal Deals • 03/12/2023

Many methods of depositing and withdrawing funds at CoinDeal

We offer our users a wide range of payment methods, thanks to which you can fund your account, including bank transfer, debit/credit cards, skrill, neteller and others
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ChangeHero Deals • 03/12/2023

Anonymous transactions at ChangeHero

Join ChangeHero now
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Promo codes BTCC • 03/12/2023

Discover all the promotions and discounts at BTCC

Price transparency and top liquidity at BTCC Our reputable BTCC index comprised of weighted quotation of the spot index price from multiple major cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as the price provided by BTCC’s liquidity providers our index avoid the market manipulation of one or two exchange and allow each order can be taken up to a value of 5000 btc at the best transaction price
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Promo codes BTC-Alpha • 03/12/2023

Discover the many Offers and discount coupons ready for you at BTC-Alpha

Join demo trading battle at BTC Alpha Learn to trade with demo currencies win real cash prizes and great bonuses
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Promo codes BKEX • 03/12/2023

Discover all the promotions and discounts at BKEX

Global new first tier exchange join BKEX Realize ecological evolution through product innovation
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SpectroCoin Deals • 03/12/2023

Get your crypto wallet at SpectroCoin

Store and manage your digital currencies anywhere, anytime access the platform with our mobile app or web browser 20+ currencies supported
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Bitcoin Video Casino Deals • 03/12/2023

Provably fair join Bitcoin Video Casino

Play with confidence we guarantee that every game you play at Bitcoin Video Casino is completely fair
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Faucet.BET Deals • 03/12/2023

Claim 100% free bitcoins join Faucet BET

Welcome to Faucet BET
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Satoshi Mines Deals • 03/12/2023

The bitcoin minesweeper join Satoshi Mines

The more greens you find on the 5x5 grid, the higher your multiplier try not to hit any mines or your game will end
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Aurum Age Casino Deals • 03/12/2023

Instant cashout of your winnings at Aurum Age Casino

Deposit, play casino games, win & withdraw money instantly to your bitcoin, moneybookers (skrill), webmoney, perfectmoney or walletone account in Aurum Age Casino you are in control of your money minimum deposit is $0 01 , minimum cashout $0 05 , withdraw anytime play roulette, slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat, video poker and multiplayer casino games
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Satoshi Quiz Deals • 03/12/2023

Get free bitcoins for playing trivia quis at Satoshi Quiz

Knowledge is money
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Bitcoin Web Hosting Deals • 03/12/2023

Bitcoin vps hosting at Bitcoin Web Hosting

Ssd powered, scalable vps host in u s or dmca free
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BitStarz Deals • 03/12/2023

Sign up and get 20 free spins at BitStarz

No deposit or bonus code required
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BTCPOP Deals • 03/12/2023

Reputation based lending at BTCPOP

BTCPOP's peer to peer lending is based on reputation, not credit score quickly get loans from other members or make some money by loaning money you have you set the terms you set the amount
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Bitmedia Deals • 03/12/2023

High end publisher placements at Bitmedia

Get the most of control on where your ads are displayed add the sources that perform best for you
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A-Ads Deals • 03/12/2023

The first crypto advertising network in the market join A Ads

Pay for the share of targeted traffic and useful actions
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Paymium Deals • 03/12/2023

Lowest fees on the market join Paymium now

Yes, it is possible to have lower fees than no fees at all not only you no longer pay fees, but you also receive a 0 10% CASHBACK directly on your Paymium account for each of your trades taker orders are charged with a 0 5% fee
0 times used Deals • 03/12/2023

One stop service at ZB com

Otc trading, spot trading, leverage trading, provide you with one stop service
1 times used Deals • 03/12/2023

Anonymity at YoBit net

There are no kyc / aml processes to complete, allowing traders and investors to remain anonymous
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Tokenize Deals • 03/12/2023

Easy & simple to use interface at Tokenize

Navigate through our platform easily your trading experience just got better with Tokenize exchange's easy & simple to use platform
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Prostocash Deals • 03/12/2023

Cumulative discount system at Prostocash

Our service has a cumulative system of discounts for regular customers its size is determined by the sum of successfully completed conversion operations the system takes into account all transfers made by a particular client
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Kassa Deals • 03/12/2023

Get CASHBACK on each operation at Kassa

CASHBACK is a refund of the exchange amount to your account the percentage of return depends on the volume of exchanges
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FatBTC Deals • 03/12/2023

Flat fee of 0 20% at FatBTC

Enjoy all the benefits at FatBTC
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EXX Deals • 03/12/2023

Get 20et at EXX

Purchase 100et in the same week after registration, and complete the real name authentication to get this reward
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CoinJar Deals • 03/12/2023

Be rewarded with 500 CoinJar rewards

Be rewarded with 500 CoinJar rewards signing up through this offer
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Coinigy Deals • 03/12/2023

Connect with 45+ exchanges at Coinigy

We offer access to more than 45 exchanges Coinigy’s connectivity across the cryptocurrency universe enables the firm to provide real time access to pricing data, full featured spot trading, arbitrage matrix and portfolio management/aggregation tools
3 times used
Remitano Deals • 03/12/2023

Download Remitano app for free

Trading whenever and wherever you are
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Baksman Deals • 03/12/2023

Receive a coupon after a successfully processed application

Each client can receive a coupon after a successfully processed application, but on condition that the service does not incur losses from the exchange itself
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AEX Deals • 03/12/2023

Buy by one click at AEX

Fast trading within 50,000 with 0 fee
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Graviex Deals • 03/12/2023

15% discount of the trading fee for all markets by signing at Graviex

Sign clicking here to earn a 15% discount of the trading fee for all markets the discount will be valid for 30 days since signing up
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Exchanger1 Deals • 03/12/2023

Buy and sell bitcoin ethereum bitcoin cash litecoin tether omni tether erc 20 usd coin chainlink at Exchanger1

The service supports such banks as privat24 and sberbank as well as any other ruble and hryvnia bank cards
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COIN Deals • 03/12/2023

Get 1000 COIN by joining through here

Accounts that already exist will not be eligible for this gift
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MyCointainer Deals • 03/12/2023

Receive €15 worth of staking token signing on mycointaner through this link

Sign up at mycointaner and deposited tokens or cash worth €15, and receive €15 worth of bitcoins
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Coinex Deals • 03/12/2023

Enjoy a 3 month vip 1 fees discount at Coinex

Get this benefit through this link
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Libertex Deals • 03/12/2023

Learn how to make money with forex trading at Libertex

Enjoy the best offers only on the Libertex website
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OKEx Deals • 03/12/2023

Receive rewards joining OKEx clicking here

Receive rewards when you buy, deposit, and trade crypto on OKEx
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Bibox Deals • 03/12/2023

Enjoy rewards at Bibox through this link

Exchange now, unbox the future
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Liquid Deals • 03/12/2023

Join Liquid and get a 10% discount

Join the world’s most comprehensive and secure trading platform buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, xrp and many other cryptocurrencies with fiat or crypto
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Privacy Pros Deals • 03/12/2023

Discount deal on billfodl multishard for $199

In this store, you can get billfold multishard for just $199 only
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BaseFEX Deals • 03/12/2023

10% discount on trading fees at BaseFEX

Crypto derivative exchange that puts traders first
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Promo codes Bittrex • 03/12/2023

20% with Bittrex refferal code

Enjoy Bittrex using our referral code now
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BitMEX Deals • 03/12/2023

10% discount on trading fees now at BitMEX click here to find out

BitMEX is the world's most advanced peer to peer crypto products trading platform check out now
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Promo codes BitMart • 03/12/2023

Enjoy 10% now at BitMart

You don't have to look further, BitMart has the best offers
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Xapo Deals • 03/12/2023

Xapo Always with you

From knowing your funds are always safe to getting money to a loved one in a hurry, no matter where you’re from or where you’re headed—Xapo is always with you
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Promo codes Plus500 • 03/12/2023

Plus500 $ 30 bonus on deposits over $ 100

Make your first deposit starting at $ 100 and get a $ 30 bonus to qualify for the bonus, you need to follow these simple steps 1 click "trade for real" when you are on webtrader 2 click "open a new account" 3 click "fund management" 4 select one deposit method 5 enter one of the bonus codes listed above note bonuses expire after three months
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Kraken Deals • 03/12/2023

You can find perfect Offers on Kraken Use the coupon or Offers you find on Kraken to have a great online shopping experience

Kraken puts at your disposal discounts, to be used for your next purchase at this online store
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AVATrade Deals • 03/12/2023

AVATrade 20% bonus on deposits from $ 1,000

To AVATrade will give a 20% welcome bonus on deposits above $ 1,000
5 times used
BTCMEX Deals • 03/12/2023

Discover the many offers and discount coupons ready for you at BTCMEX

This way you can enjoy discounts or vouchers to make really interesting deals! Sometimes they have very special daily promotional codes at BTCMEX!
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ShapeShift Deals • 03/12/2023

Discover the many offers and discount coupons ready for you at ShapeShift

Use our coupon codes for all your purchases. Make the purchase benefiting from the discounts now available on ShapeShift.
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Everything you want to know about BlockFi
Know everything about Promo codes, offers and discounts at BlockFi

Opening Up a BlockFi Account 

Opening a BlockFi account is a relatively straightforward process. BlockFi requests personal information such as your legal name, address, and country of residence. In order to trade on the platform, you’ll need to complete an identity verification process, so it’s a good idea to have your photo ID on hand to save time.  

Customer Service

BlockFi offers a few different options for customer support, including the ability to submit a ticket, contact a representative over the phone, or chat with a chatbot. This is useful for customers who have questions or need assistance. In addition to its support options, users can also access BlockFi’s help center to get answers to common questions. 

It is not clear which ADA-specific services are available to users at this time. BlockFi Loan borrowers have a separate portal that they can use to speak with the loan department. 

Customer Satisfaction 

While many customers have reported that they’re happy with their BlockFi experience, BlockFi receives an average of 3.7 out of 5 stars across 233 user reviews on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot reviews report a few common concerns. Some users mentioned having difficulty connecting with customer service when they encountered urgent issues. Others noted that withdrawal fees were higher than what they expected. While both of these issues are concerning, BlockFi receives high marks overall from its users.

Account Management

BlockFi customers can use its web-based portal or mobile app to manage their accounts. When you log in, you’ll see a summary of your account details. Details will include interest paid on your holdings and the amount you currently have in your account. You’ll also be able to access tabs for different actions; for instance, making trades or requesting a loan.

Where BlockFi shines

Interest and lending: BlockFi has made its name trying to extend traditional financial services into the world of cryptocurrency. People who use its platform can earn interest on their bitcoin or use it as collateral for loans — a service that many competitors do not offer. Customers can earn up to 4.5% APY on their Bitcoin, depending on how much they are holding on the platform.

Free monthly withdrawal: Though BlockFi’s withdrawal fees aren’t the lowest we’ve seen, you can avoid them by limiting the frequency with which you withdraw. The platform offers one free crypto withdrawal and one free stablecoin withdrawal each calendar month.

Earn interest on your holdings

With a BlockFi Interest Account, you can earn between 3% and 8.6% compounding interest on your cryptocurrency holdings. The account has no hidden fees and no minimum balance requirement.

The interest rate varies by currency type and fluctuates with market values. Interest accrues daily and is added to your account monthly -- so you'll earn interest on your interest each month. The Interest Payment Flex option lets you choose the currency your interest is paid in.

U.S. investors will get a 1099 from BlockFi at the end of each year stating how much interest they received. International customers are responsible for managing their own tax liability.

Borrow against your portfolio

Avoid selling your crypto when you need cash. BlockFilets you borrow funds in USD against your crypto assets with interest rates as low as 4.5%.

Borrowing instead of selling means you don't have to report capital gains, which could save you money in taxes. Plus, the interest could be tax deductible, reducing your tax bill even further.

Note: One risk of borrowing this way is that you could lose your collateral -- your crypto assets -- if crypto prices drop. It would mean you no longer have enough value in your interest account to support your loan balance.

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What If My BlockFi Voucher Code Doesn't work?

Sometimes, BlockFi offers and deals come with exclusions. You should always double-check that the coupon you selected is compatible with the item(s) you're buying. Certain stores will not allow coupons to be stacked, which cancels out other BlockFi Voucher codes. Also, always make sure the coupon's date is current. While we are diligent to only give you active coupon code offers, an expired discount occasionally slips through the cracks. You can always contact us at if you have any questions.

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What are BlockFi's best coupon codes for December?

Earn $10 in btc joining BlockFi through here
With BlockFi you can use cryptocurrency to earn interest at up to 8 6% apy
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Spend credit earn bitcoin at BlockFi
BlockFi has great savings and deals

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Does BlockFi currently have discount coupons?

Yes, currently offers 4 valid discount coupons for the BlockFi store.

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It depends on the coupon you use. has the best options in addition to exclusive offers.

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BlockFi employs various user and platform security practices. To help prevent fraudulent activity on the platform, users will need to verify their identity when signing up for a BlockFi account. To do so, you’ll need to provide a government-issued photo ID as well as some basic personal information. BlockFi also offers optional two-factor authentication, which helps protect user accounts. Currently, two-factor authentication is not required of users but is encouraged. BlockFi holds its funds in cold storage with its institutional partner, Gemini. Cold storage means that assets are held in storage that’s not connected to the internet, making them generally more secure. 

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