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The price you pay for an Albelli photo book is usually slightly higher than what you pay from other providers. Of all the parts we tested this year, Albelli scores in a 16E position in terms of price. At Albelli you pay € 49.94 for a 30x30 photo book with 24 pages. At Fotogoed you can get this same book for € 34.95 and at Saal Digital for € 39.99. With a standing photo album or A4 liar, the difference is a few euros. However, we would like to say that albelli almost always has 20% to 25% discount promotions. But of course, other providers as well. We therefore prefer that they lower prices slightly. They would have ended up much higher in our test. Albelli photo album software. Albelli software, together with CEWE, is the best of our test. Easy to use, lots of page layouts and fun options. If you work on Windows, you can also install additional plugins that allow you to get even more out of your photo book.

The version available for the Mac does not know these plugins, but it is still excellent. Albelli also works with online software to create a book. For online software, you first need to create an account. Then, you upload all your photos to the Albelli website. This package is also very extensive and very easy to use. Good! Finally, Albelli also has an application that allows you to create photographic books, among other things. This also works well. Smart Assistant on Windows / Mac. Albelli also has a Smart assistant. This ensures that your photo book is created automatically. Now many other providers also have this functionality, but there is a big difference: the Albelli assistant (if you choose) already makes a selection of quality photos in advance and asks if you want to add the smaller photos to the book or not. Albelli delivery time. Albelli's delivery time this year was longer than we are used to in previous tests. It took us 8 days to take the book home. Albelli's delivery time is therefore slightly longer than 2 / 3E of the suppliers in our test. And that was before Corona attacked in Holland. If we look at the previous editions of our test, we see that in 2019 Albelli's delivery time was 7 days. In 2018 Albelli's delivery time was 5 days and in 2017 it was still 3 days. So it seems to be taking longer and longer before we put the books. And that's a shame, because if Albelli had had their delivery time shorter, they would have ended up significantly longer in the end result.

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Albelli Deals • 11/12/2023

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Everything you want to know about Albelli
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At Albelli you will find one of the most advanced software providers. The package is complete, easy to use and is available for windows, mac, online and tablet.

For tablet and online, the possibilities are a little more

limited. In addition, the Windows version appears to be more advanced than the Mac.

Albelli werkblad cover

The fact that you can use the editing program via the Internet or on your own computer is a pleasant choice. My preference is usually to download the program on your own computer. This often gives a lot more editing and creative freedom.

The advantage with Albelli is that you don't have to upload photos to a library in advance. Just open a folder (it can also be on a network disk) and you will see it immediately in thumbnail format.

Albelli photos meteen beschikbaar

You can simply drag the photos into your album and move, enlarge, rotate, decrease opacity, shade under, etc.

Albelli werkblad tools rechterkant

You can choose a free layout for your pages or use standard layouts. Layouts can also be created or customized and stored to themselves. It is possible to 'flip' a layout to the opposite page, very convenient!

After a little practice with the menu / bar choices of tools at the top and those on the right side, this is pointed out. The program works pleasantly, quickly and smoothly. Very good are the creative possibilities, such as placing a photo on a single or on a double page.

Albelli plaatsen photos

Useful tools are the guides to the edges so that a photo does not disappear in the margin. The red guides appear automatically and make it easy to align different photos.

If you enlarge or reduce a photo and the reason becomes unbalanced, pull the corner points until a diagonal guide appears through your photo. The sign that relationships have been restored. Very convenient!

It is very easy to create a beautiful background with your own photos. Then, slide the photo to one corner of the screen, until the photo darkens.

Albelli upper menus

As soon as you release the mouse button, this photo appears as a background photo (so you can place photos on top of it again) and the opacity is automatically reduced to 50% for you.

Enlarging the details within your photo also gives you the potential to give your booklet a special effect. There are also many options to choose from Albelli backgrounds (clipart), borders and frames. I didn't miss anything in the program.

Order and delivery time

As soon as you press the order button, Albelli appears with an alert. Potential problems, such as duplicate photos or low resolution photos, are properly reported. After that, you can either continue with your order or fix problems first.

As you can expect from the best known supplier in the Countries

Low, they have the ordering process done well. The same applies to payment options. You can pay by bank transfer, Ideal, Credit Card, Klarna (for account), Paypal and by means of a Giftcard (Vale do Turismo Office).

After ordering, you will receive immediate confirmation by email. After that, you will be kept informed of the status of your order. You can log in to their website to track progress. The booklet was delivered on the promised day.

I measured the delivery time of this photo book in working days and in Albelli it was 3 days. This makes them one of the fastest suppliers in the Netherlands.

Online version of the photo book

Albelli offers you the opportunity to share your photo book online for free immediately after ordering. The book will remain online until you delete it yourself. Very useful to share with your friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter or blog. Here is my own online version.

Quality Albelli photo book

Albelli delivers a very good book. But what impressed me in particular were the colors, which seemed a little bit optimized. Brighter than profotonet. This is due to the brilliant editing, the photos look a bit like previous photographic prints.

The high brightness option makes photos a little darker (useful for lighting up your photos in post-processing before using them in the book), but the shadow details still remain clearly visible. The high gloss option makes the book more sensitive to fingerprints.

The pages are glued together, the photo book creaks a little as you go through the pages, but the whole still looks very solid. It opens well and the cover looks neat. The photos and paper look professional as well as sharp and natural and the connection (flat position) is pleasant and resistant.

Albelli fotoboek flatbed

Price / quality

I chose a large photo book (30x30 cm) with high gloss pages (at an additional cost of 0.30 euros per page), the 70 page book reached 126.65 euros, including costsshipping. I received a 100 euro gift card from Albelli, including 4.95 shipping costs.

Photo books can be clearly found and for book is clear what you can expect at (more) price. Albelli's photo books are much more expensive than many other providers. For example, if you take 70 pages, that difference will only get bigger.

You only spend 8 to 10 euros more than than with providers that offer the same quality (Saal for example). The main reason for this is the high price they charge for a photo cover and that you have to pay 0.30 euros per glossy page.

Albelli fotobook outside inside

However, I like the price / quality ratio and as a regular customer you can occasionally get a 15 or 20% discount code. In addition, they regularly have offers for a lot of free extra pages. For me a very interesting option!

It's also smart that albelli stops a series of coupons

15% with order by default. Useful for repeating orders or giving to family members or other interested parties. They also offer you the possibility to order a copy of your photo book in a smaller size. About half the amount of your big photo book.

Albelli Service

Albelli has also been one of the best providers when it comes to service for years. This is reflected in a quick response to e-mails, good accessibility of the chat and telephone and several additional services (online and physical courses plus takeaway options in The Hague).

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But how do you use this Albelli discount coupon?

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Does Albelli currently have discount coupons?

Yes, currently offers valid discount coupons for the Albelli store.

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The website couldn't be easier to use, you simply choose your product and then follow the online steps to create it and then hey presto - the product is ordered! Photobooks can be done one of 2 ways, you can download their fabulous piece of software and have full control of your photobook design or you can choose the online option, which takes you to the Albelli photobook studio, where you choose your photos, position them on the pages, choose the background colour of the pages etc and all the time seeing a preview of the page and what it will look like. Albelli is one of the largest European producers of photobooks. Recently they have expanded into producing other photo gifts; calendars, greeting cards, diaries, acrylic prints and canvas prints. The software is easily downloadable from the Albelli website and has lots of great features which make the photo books simple to design and order. Some options include hard/soft covers, glossy pages, fold flat spine plus you can add pages as you go, if like me you have too many photos.

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