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    Antivirus is data security software installed on a computer operating system to protect against viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits, trojans, phishing attacks, spam attacks and other online threats.

    So, what is the virus?

    A virus is any unwanted program that enters a user's system without their knowledge. It can self-replicate and spread. It performs unwanted and malicious actions that end up affecting system performance and user data / files. A computer virus can be thought of as a computer disease, just like human viruses that cause disease in humans.

    And the antivirus?

    Antivirus software, as the name implies, is a program that works against a virus. It detects or recognizes the virus and, after detecting the presence of the virus, works to remove it from the computer system. Antivirus software works as a prophylactic, so that it not only eliminates a virus, but also prevents potential viruses from infecting your computer in the future.

    Why do you need antivirus software?

    A system without antivirus is like a house with an open door. An open and unprotected door will attract all intruders and burglars to your home. Likewise, an unprotected computer ends up inviting all viruses to the system. An antivirus will act as a closed door with a security guard for your computer, preventing all malicious intruder viruses. So, will you leave your door open to intruders?

    What damage can a virus do to your computer?

    If your computer is attacked by a virus, it can affect you in the following ways:

    • Performance reduction

    • Damage or delete files

    • Format the hard drive

    • Cause frequent system failures computer

    • Loss of data

    • Inability to perform any task

    The number of advantages that the use of an antivirus provides is countless. Some of the most important are:

    • Protection against viruses and their transmission: Antivirus software mainly performs a prophylactic function. It detects any potential viruses and works to remove them. Remember that all of this is done mainly before the virus harms the system. Therefore, this means that most viruses are fought before they cause damage to your systems. An antivirus can fight many viruses in a single day without your knowledge. Avast and Norton are some of the most popular antivirus software available on the market today. If a virus has attacked your system, you can transfer it to your friends, family and networks. So, if you want to protect your computer system and your friends' computers, consider purchasing an antivirus.

    • color: # 000000; background-color: transparent; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap; "> Block spam and ads: If you do a quick search on how viruses enter your victims' computer systems, you will be impressed by the proportion of viruses that use pop-up ads and websites to to enter computers. Pop-up ads and spam sites are one of the gateways most used by viruses to infect your computer and damage your files. Software like Bullguard Internet Security works against these malicious websites and ads that contain viruses, blocking direct access to your computer network.

    • Defense against hackers and data thieves: Hackers often use a malware or virus program to access the victim's computer. They install malware on the computer without the victim's knowledge. Hackers send malicious emails to victims. Then, the hacker can easily invade the desired files and programs. After that, they can use the victim's data at will; they can delete or damage it and steal it to demand ransom later. Antimalware, such as Malwarebytes, place an anti-attack block or perform regular scans to detect the presence of any hacker or hacker-based program on the computer network. Therefore, antivirus software provides complete protection against hackers.

    • Ensures protection against removable devices: Think about the times when you transferred data to and from your computer using removable devices, such as USBs. Countless, right? You may have experienced a slowdown or computer crash after connecting a friend's USB. Ever wonder why that happened? This is because the removable or USB device served as a virus transmission device. So, should you stop using removable devices because you never know which USB might contain a virus? Not! Simply obtain antivirus software that will scan all removable devices for potential viruses to ensure that no viruses are transferred.

    • Protects your data and files: Antivirus software keeps an eye on all files that enter your system. All of these files are placed in a scan to check for any peculiarities or maliciousness. Viruses can easily be transmitted to your network through infected files and, in turn, can potentially harm your data and files. You can even suffer complete loss of your precious data at the hands of such viruses. An Avira software solution ensures that your data and files are adequately protected.

    • Improves PC performance: Think of two computers side by side. One of them is suffering the consequences of a virus attack, such as slow processing speed and frequent failures. The other is protected against antivirus. Which of the two will have a better speed? The one with antivirus, for sure. This is because the computer has no problems because the antivirus stopped the virus before it can cause any real damage. Some antiviruses can even delete and remove useless files from unknown sources to free up disk space, increasing the speed of the PC.

    • Firewall protection against spyware and phishing attacks: A firewall, in general, monitors incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer network. When associated with antivirus, firewall protection again checks all files or data that you send or transfer from your computer via the Internet to another network. The same goes for files and data that you receive from an external network. You can unintentionally open a malicious website or email and then fall victim to a phishing attack. A phishing attack occurs when attackers specifically target your login credentials, credit card information or any other information / data personal. This attack can result in substantial financial losses or personal leaks. Bidirectional firewall protection against antivirus software, such as Avast, blocks and removes these emails or files that can harm you in this way.

    • Limit access to websites to improve protection on the web: Access to unauthorized websites can expose your computer system to various cyber threats, including spyware, hackers, ransomware, etc. These threats can potentially risk your data and files. Antivirus software limits your access to the web to restrict your activities on unauthorized networks. This is done to ensure that you access only those sites that are safe and harmless to your computer system.

    • Keeping an eye on children: The biggest headache for parents in these advanced times is that their children can openly access anything using the Internet, be it good or bad. Parents cannot always keep an eye on what their children are doing on the computer. And they can't educate their kids about the good and bad web all the time, because they get easily annoyed. Antivirus software may be the solution for parents of such concern. It can provide a monitoring tool through which you can monitor your children's activities safely and efficiently. Antivirus software provides adequate records of your child's activities. ESET is one of the most important antiviruses that offers parental control.

    • Protect your password: You protect your valuable data and accounts with a password and think your data and accounts are protected. But what if someone steals your passwords using a virus? The password thief can later blackmail you for ransom or use your password to access sensitive information. In addition to using antivirus, you can also think about using a password manager to improve security.

    • Cost-benefit: Most antivirus software is very economical. The monthly or annual packages offered by antivirus manufacturing companies are inexpensive. If you consider the variety of services that come with the premium antivirus package, you will certainly think that the cost they are offering is much less. In addition, if you're on a budget and don't want to spend money buying the premium version of antivirus, you can get free antivirus.

    Is your computer better off without antivirus?

    A virus attack can do as much damage as it can force you to buy a new computer, because the old computer was damaged without repair. Not having a protective mechanism for your computer system is like inviting viruses to your computer, providing clear and accessible input.

    Do you want to damage your computer with your own hands of your own free will? If not, get antivirus software as soon as possible so you can use your computer without the constant fear of being the victim of a virus attack.

    Top 10 antivirus in New Zealand

    background-color: transparent; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">AVG










    What is Spyware?

    Spyware is software that collects data from your device without your knowledge or against your will. After collecting this information, you can send it to someone, somewhere, who will use it in a way that is harmful to you. These harmful uses can be relatively benign, like forcing unwanted ads on the screen or secretly tracking where you are online. Or they can be devastating, like emptying your bank accounts or blocking all data on your organization's servers until you pay a ransom. That is, spyware is not something you want on any of your devices.

    Common types of spyware

    Spyware generally falls into one of the following four categories:

    • Adware: secretly installed software that forces ads on your device

    • text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap; "> Trojans: spyware that installs malicious software or steals information

    • Tracking cookies: record your online activities and share them on websites

    • System monitors: record everything you do and send the information to potential crooks

    That was a quick explanation. Now, let's look at each of these types of spyware in more detail.


    Adware is a type of spyware that gathers information about the websites you visit online and the files you download. The purpose is to use this information to display ads that you will click on, thereby earning adware publisher commissions.

    These ads can appear in addition to or in place of ads that you would otherwise see. Adware can slow your system. It can also make the system unstable, as the adware struggles with your web browser or operating system to force your ads on the screen. The adware also harms legitimate advertisers who may lose sales to the stealth spyware publisher.


    Spyware Trojan is software that pretends to be something it is not. A Trojan horse may look like a video player or the like, but it can actually steal information from your device and send it to the spyware company.

    Some Trojans allow those who control spyware to gain partial control over their device. They can do things like read or delete your files. Sometimes, they can encrypt your files and demand payment in exchange for decrypting them. This latest nasty type of Trojan is known as ransomware.

    A timely example of ransomware is the ongoing war between the city of Baltimore and someone who managed to get RobbinHood ransomware on the city's servers.

    Tracking cookies

    Cookies installed on your device by a website can serve many purposes. Many of these services are beneficial for you, such as remembering the login information or the page you last visited.

    Tracking cookies are slightly different. Their job is to record your online activities so that marketers can target you more effectively with ads or other marketing materials.

    Top advertisers can have their ads on thousands of websites. Whenever you visit one, the website can place a tracking cookie on your device. Over time, the advertiser uses these cookies to see where you are going and creates an increasingly detailed profile of your online activities.

    They haven't done anything directly malicious, but most of us are opposed to the number of companies that silently track us as we go about our lives online.

    System monitors

    System monitors are a type of spyware that can monitor and record just about anything you do on your device. Typically, it can record keystrokes, chats, text messages, the websites you visit, downloaded files, just about anything. Some of these applications may even take screenshots of your activities to send to those who control spyware.

    Mobile Spyware

    These malicious applications are in their own category, because they have different limitations and modes of attack than spyware directed at ordinary computers. Some spyware can enter your mobile devices via SMS or MMS.

    This type of spyware can be particularly ugly. Think about it. Your smartphone knows where you are at all times. It has built-in cameras and microphones, plus tons of your most personal information. Now imagine a Trojan or a System Monitor taking control of your phone. Talk about a personal privacy disaster. Ask Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, what can happen to your life when someone picks up the paws on the information that lives on your smartphone.

    Apps that know too much

    Many people consider installing applications on their smartphones that request data beyond what is necessary to do their job, regardless of whether they are approved to appear in an official app store. Be careful!

    How spyware gets on your devices

    Ok, we agree that spyware is a clear and present danger to your privacy. But how does spyware get on your computers, smartphones and other devices? We will see.

    Probably the most common way for spyware to position itself to do its dirty work is through installation by another program. When you download and install software from a shallow source on the Internet, there is a good chance that the software will secretly install some adware along with what you thought you were installing. Spyware creators will pay software developers to covertly install their junk onto their device.

    Another way for spyware to enter devices is through security holes. These flaws can be in the security of your device. Researchers are constantly looking for and finding ways in which hackers can overcome device security. If the crooks find one of these before it is fixed, they can use it to put spyware on your device without your knowledge.

    The other security breaches are human. Some people are so eager to get back to what they were doing on the device that they click on random pop-ups without even reading them, just to make them disappear. Some spyware takes advantage of this to overcome the security of your device. After all, you clicked the OK button, so you must install this dubious-looking program.

    A similar human error comes into play when opening emails or downloading files sent to you from unknown sources. This is a combination of human and device errors. You opened it and your device failed to recognize it as a bad thing. So, let security pass.

    In addition, as we discussed in a previous section, a mobile device may be vulnerable to attack via the phone system's SMS or MMS messaging systems.

    How to tell if your device is infected with Spyware

    Finding out if your device is infected with spyware is not a simple task. After all, these things are hidden in the device to spy on you, so the developers won't make it easy to find. Still, spyware often leaves telltale signs of its presence.

    You may have a spyware problem if your computer experiences these symptoms:

    • Your device is slow or crashes unexpectedly.

    • Your device is running out of hard disk space.

    • You receive pop-ups when you are online or offline.

    Other signs that may indicate a spyware infection may include:

    • Sudden problems with your Internet connection

    • Your firewall or antivirus software stops work

    • New icons appear on the screen

    • You suddenly find yourself redirected to another search engine

    How to know for sure if you have a spyware problem

    While all of these are good clues that you have a problem, the best way to know for sure is to run an anti-malware application to test your system for known spyware.

    If the antispyware application detects spyware, it will likely offer to delete or neutralize it. This is great, but even though the app can do it for you, you should still follow steps 3 and 4 in the next section. The infection may be over, but you still need to undo the damage that may have been caused by the infection.

    In addition to a specialized program, many antivirus programs today have built-in or optional antispyware features. This is particularly important if you have Linux boxes in your device collection to protect - there is no free anti-spyware for Linux.

    What to do if your device is infected

    If one of your devices is infected with spyware, you have a project ahead of you. The steps you need to follow are:

    Step 1: install anti-spyware

    Step 2: Delete malware from your device

    Step 3: change all your passwords

    Step 4: notify all financial institutions and other sensitive organizations of the problem

    It is essential to perform these steps in this order. In particular, you don't want to change passwords until your device is clean. Do things in the opposite order, and spyware can simply pass on your new passwords to the bad guys while you're wiping them from your device.

    How to prevent future infections

    If you just cleaning a device or trying to prevent the first infection, the steps to be followed are the same.

    First, install the antimalware application of your choice. You want one to do real-time scanning, not just regular scheduled scans. While regularly scheduled scans are better than nothing, imagine the damage that spyware could do to your device and your life in the period between entering your device and the next regularly scheduled scan.

    Second, make sure the antimalware application is up to date and perform a complete scan of your device. Spyware could have reached your device anytime before your antimalware application started protecting you, so it's worth doing a full scan at the moment.

    Third, make the following precautions part of the regular use of all your devices. Taking these precautions will significantly decrease the chances of spyware, even gaining access to your devices. So you don't have to worry about whether spyware can overcome your device's defenses.

    From now on, be sure to:

    • Have anti-malware software installed and running on all your devices.

    • > Avoid downloading software from unofficial sources. While this is not a perfect guarantee of security, if you download the software only from places like an official app store or the website of a major publisher, it will greatly reduce the chance of getting your device infected.

    • Do not open an email from unknown people. And do not open any files attached to those emails.

    • Do not click on pop-up ads that suddenly start appearing on your device.

    • Keep your anti-malware software, operating system (OS) and browser up to date. When a new spyware application starts to achieve its objectives, you can install the corrected version as soon as possible.

    • Make sure your browser extensions are up to date and look for options to improve browser security. See this article on the best secure browsers for instructions on how to protect Firefox from attacks.

    • white-space: pre; ">

      Enable your device's firewall (for devices that have them). A firewall can prevent suspicious applications from being installed on the device.


    Spyware is an ever-present problem for any device connected to the Internet. In this article, we look at the various types of spyware, how it gets onto your devices, how to recover it, and finally, what you can do to prevent your devices from being infected with spyware from now on.

    Although the spyware war continues indefinitely, if you follow the advice we give here, it will maximize your chances of preventing spyware infections from now on.

    But remember to always be aware, as malicious spyware often takes on new forms and is delivered by new methods.

    Top 10 anti-spyware in New Zealand


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    3 ...


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    • Click on "Get Coupon";
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    • Some coupons are available in link format, so be smart, because when you enter the store you should realize the discount applied to the products;
    • Browse Goose VPN and choose the product you want. Put it in the shopping cart, paste the Coupon (Ctrl + V) into the field called "discount coupon" or "gift card";
    • See if the discount was applied correctly.

    The best coupons expire quickly, so we recommend finalizing your purchase.

    If you liked your purchase tell everyone how you got a discount on Goose VPN!

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